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  • Southern #Peru
This trophy head, likely a token of fertility, from the Nazca region hangs from a rope of vegetable fiber. It may have also been worn as an adornment by its owner. The victim,  most likely a local man, may have been sacrificed at a time of drought. The Nazca Culture in southern Peru ruled  from 400 to 650 CE (Common Era).
#NazcaLines #TrophyHead
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  • Photo taken by @stevemccurryofficial // Children playing soccer outside a Buddhist temple in Burma. 
#Buddhist #Burma @magnumphotos @thephotosociety
  • Photo // @jimmy_chin 
Unforgettable evening tracking big game. Definitely feels a little different at night....tracking or being tracked....
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  • Photo @renan_ozturk @taylorfreesolo // Without knowing, our #MyanmarClimb team stumbled upon the kick-off ceremony for the Thadingyut Lighting Festival last night, held once a year. 9,000 "oil lamps" were set in lotus designs and the symbolism of the Dharma, lit by monks and all generations of locals. The festival is a celebration of the Buddha coming back to earth from nirvana. Well take the auspicious oman as we head north again today, on to Myitkyina by train. #onassignment @hilareeoneill @emilyaharrington @md_jenkins @coryrichards @camp4collective
  • Photo by @TimLaman.  Another visitor to the wild fig tree in Borneo, a very colorful squirrel known as Prevost’s Squirrel, complete with racing stripes, here eating a fig.  This is another shot from my Borneo orangutan project for @NatGeo, where I climbed over 30 meters up a rope and hid in a small blind in the canopy in the rain forest of Gunung Palung National Park, hoping to see orangutans.  I guess this squirrel and other wildlife that came are what you would call my photographic bycatch.  You can see the “behind the scenes” shot of the tree I had to climb to get this shot at @TimLaman.  #Borneo, #Indonesia, #saveGPorangutans, @thephotosociety, @natgeocreative
  • Photo @ladzinski / When you see a road of flowers you pretty much have to drop everything and drive on down, at least thats my theory. South Africa is renowned for its wild flower blooms and a must see for those of us who cant get enough of the call of the wild! @natgeocreative @andy_mann @coryrichards @3stringsproductions #Earth365
  • Phone photo: @ivankphoto Project Mi Barrio - Peleas de Gallos en Puembo I. (Cockfights in #Puembo I). Men prepare to attach cockfighting weapons, known as cockspurs, to a rooster before the fight in #Puembo, #Ecuador. #projectmibarrio, @runa_photos, @thephotosociety, @panospictures
  • Spirits in the Sand
#NascaLines of #Peru

Near #CerroBlanco a desiccated huarango stands as a reminder of the groves that once provided shade. Cerro Blanco is one of the highest sand dunes in the world, it rises from the desert to more than 6,800 ft above sea level.
The Nasca people believed it was the source of water. a notion that continues today. Some local makes pilgrimages to the top of the dune and leave offerings of pottery and food, the same as the Nasca people did 1,300 years ago. 
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  • Photo by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto. Loading Pinisi, traditional 2 masted schooners, worlds last sailing fleet of wooden ships, Old Harbor, Jakarta, Indonesia. Mostly motorized, they still are used for inter-island cargo transport. #Bugis schooner #Jakarta #indonesia #Bugis schooner #Jakarta #indonesia @thephotosociety
  • Photo by @stevewinterphoto. My time in Toronto is almost over,with only one show left at Roy Thomson Hall tonight, but the time to act for Big Cats (and the future of the cheetah cubs seen here) is now! 
The Big Cats Initiative was launched by National Geographic to raise awareness and implement change to the dire situation facing big cats.
Please visit to find out more about Build a Boma and other ways to save big cats.
#BigCatsForever #Cheetahs #CauseAnUproar #NatGeo #BigCatConservation #SouthAfrica #WildlifePhotography #WildlifeConservation #WildlifePhotojournalism #Bigcats #Phinda #CheetahCubs #wildlife #SouthAfrica
  • Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey) taken in 1998. "I loved sitting behind the stove in that kitchen. I loved to see how much they loved each other.  and I loved how I felt when I was with them. I dont feel like very often, surrounded by all these glowing screens. I miss that kitchen." Hear more of the story behind this image and a playlist of the songs they sang on today!  #Svaneti, Georgian Republic #myfirstphotostory #Sakartvelo
  • Photograph by @paulnicklen for @natgeo.  @sea_legacy. During the fall months and while they wait for the sea ice to freeze,  polar bears perform mock battles.  These skills that they gain from these matches will come in handy in the spring when they fight for real for the right to breed. The sea ice is freezing later each fall and melting earlier each spring causing the bears to have less time on the ice eating seals, their primary food source.  #polarbear #beauty #nature #wildlife #adventure #climatereality  #climatechange @natgeocreative @thephotosociety
  • Photo // @jimmy_chin 
Quiet morning overlooking Blyde Canyon, the third largest canyon in the world. #Mpumalanga #SouthAfrica #MeetSouthAfrica @natgeochannel @thephotosociety
  • Video by @renan_ozturk @camp4collective // #onassignment for the #MyanmarClimb expedition. Drifting through the mist of the ancient Bagan temples. The team is moving ever closer up the Irrawaddy river toward the Himalaya. #TheLongWayIn @hilareeoneill @emilyaharrington @md_jenkins @coryrichards @taylorfreesolo
  • Photo @ladzinski / Just shot this from my office window, this evenings incredible moon rise through the pink clouds of a vibrant sunset in #Boulder Colorado. The end of another great day. Wednesday morning in North America there will be a lunar eclipse in the early hours of the night, totally worth checking out if you dont mind missing a little sleep! @natgeocreative @andy_mann @3stringsproductions #Earth365
  • Photo by @amivitale. The #cliffdivers on western coast of Puerto Rico. Crazy or courageous? 
#travel #ocean #beach #Nikonnofilter #nofilter @nikonusa #nikon #d750 #nikonambassador #amivitale #photojournalism @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #puertorico
  • Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). This image of Mount #Ushba was made in 1998 on my first camera with some of my first rolls of film.  Ushba (at nearly 5000 meters) sits on the border of Russia and #Svanetia (Georgian Republic) and is where, some locals tell me, Prometheus was bound.  @natgeo magazine sent me back 14 years later to revisit this amazing place.  You can see the results in the current issue of the magazine.
  • Photo: @SteveWinterPhoto. Toronto, join me at the Roy Thomson Hall tonight (10/6) or tomorrow (10/7) for my lecture "On the Trail of Big Cats: Tigers, Cougars, and Snow Leopards" and learn how I ended up on a boat with two #jaguars during one of my earlier National Geographic assignments. For tickets and future tour stops visit my website, linked in my profile. #bigcatforevers #jaguars  @natgeocreative @natgeo @thephotosociety #NatGeoLive #Bigcats #wildlifeconservation #SteveWinterPhoto #WildlifePhotography #WildlifeConservation #WildlifePhotojournalism
  • iPhone photo by @michaelchristopherbrown. Ndahizeye Olivier lives in a village just outside Butare, Rwanda. The city of Butare has long been regarded as the intellectual capital of the country, while Kigali holds most political power. The Belgian colonial rulers named the city Astrida, in honor of Queen Astrid of Belgium. @magnumphotos
  • Photograph shot by @paulnicklen while on assignment for @natgeo with @cristinamittermeier.  80 miles off the coast of #BritishColumbia we came across a pod of over a thousand Pacific White-Sided Dolphins.  Playful, gregarious, intelligent and true athletes, we could not wait to jump in the water with these inquisitive mammals.  With @sea_legacy @aprilbencze and @oren.lawson  #love #dolphin #beauty #nature #adventure #instagramhub @thephotosociety @natgeocreative

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